Task Forces Chairs and Members


Chair: Dr. Majdy Idrees
Co-Chair: Dr. Fahad Al-Hameed

Workshops and Flyers

Chair: Dr. Fawzi Al-Jassir
Co-Chair: Prof. Mohammed Addar


Chair: Dr. Hasan Al-Dorzi
Co-Chair: Dr. Fahad Al Hameed


Chair: Prof. Mohamed Al-Hajjaj
Co-Chair: Dr. Fahad Al Hameed


Chair: Dr. Fahad Al-Hameed
Co-Chair: Dr. Mohamad Abdelaal
Member: Shemaylan Al Harbi, Clinical Pharmacist

Registries (National Data Base)

Chair: Dr. Esam Abo Nazer
Co-Chair: Dr. Tarek Al Khowaiter
Member: Dr. Abdulelah Qadi

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