The SAVTE will address its objectives primarily by the establishment of focused taskforces that will design and conduct projects across the broad which include research, education and clinical care related to VTE diseases.

The activities of the SAVTE include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The SAVTE will function as a “think tank” and provide expertise to advise physicians, scientists, health authorities and the healthcare industry regarding medical technologies and pharmaceuticals relevant to VTE
  • The SAVTE will establish a national database on patients with VTE to allow a meaningful understanding of the similarities and differences in the spectrum of the illness between different regions in the kingdom and other countries in the world
  • The SAVTE will develop web-based, multilingual educational materials, advice and guidelines on the management of VTE disease accessible to people involved in healthcare delivery
  • The SAVTE will conduct workshops on the modern methods to evaluate patients, determine accurate diagnoses, and monitor the efficacy of treatments
  • The SAVTE will conduct periodic national and regional symposia to disseminate information acquired from the SAVTE activities, and identify research projects relevant to its activities.

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